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Alastair Majury
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I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body, and this highlights that I am at the pinnacle of professionalism in financial services. Across the world, and across industries, a personal Charter is recognised as a symbol of the peak of professionalism. Holding a Charter tells clients, colleagues and regulators that I have already demonstrated an outstanding commitment to achieving the highest levels of knowledge, skills and behaviour and that I am dedicated to maintaining this.

But what do people who have worked with me say?

Profile / Summary

Senior Business Analyst and Regulatory Change Specialist, expert in enabling development and delivery of complex business process/system transformations for major Financial Services businesses to ensure compliance. Key strengths include: leveraging a breadth of in-depth knowledge across Financial Services sectors and asset classes to provide fit-for-purpose solutions; successfully delivering critical regulatory and data projects across multiple regulators to ensure optimal compliance; working closely with both technical and business teams to coordinate efforts and drive effective delivery of organisational and system changes; and building collaborative key stakeholder relationships up to Board level to clearly communicate complex information and win buy-in to business goals.

Key Skills

§ Business & Data Analysis

§ Requirements Gathering

§ Advanced Excel / VBA

§ Listed & OTC Derivatives

§ Stakeholder Management

§ High Level Requirements (HLR) Production

§ SQL, Visio, Tableau

§ Gap Analysis

§ Organisational & Regulatory Change

§ Business Requirements Document Production

§ Scrum Master / Agile Coach

§ Regulatory & Legislative Project Management

§ Process Mapping (BPMNv2) & Development

§ Data Migration & Warehousing

Career Highlights

§ Shree Partners client, a major independent claims management provider, required an upgrade to their claims management system. As Principal Consultant, led deep-dive analysis to produce statement of work. Understood both business & IT stakeholder needs for upgraded system; ensured offshore team could produce costed estimate of work; produced business friendly requirements that captured needs; and led requirements walkthrough to ensure common understanding. Succeeded in enabling a successful funding request with programme of system upgrade work commenced in early-2020.

§ RBS’ Funded Trade & Supply Chain Finance functions needed to ensure compliance with UK ringfencing legislation. As Senior BA, reviewed systems, processes & trade docs & implemented actions to ensure compliance. Understood current business practices & stakeholder regulatory concerns; reviewed technical systems & business processes; created amended business processes; led review of live instrument legal documentation; ensured key data supplied to all stakeholders; and ensured transfer of instruments not under UK law. Succeeded in ensuring full transfer under Ring-Fencing Transfer Scheme on schedule.

§ National Australia Group (now Virgin Money) needed a new database & reporting system. As Senior Business Data Analyst, enabled compliant mortgage sales & performance reporting. Gained overview of reporting requirements & sales report issues; created business requirements doc & achieved sign-off; identified sources for data & created required transformation logic; ensured completion of requisite data cleansing prior to reports being sent; and presented overview of reporting solution to senior stakeholders. Succeeded in ensuring 99%+ of mortgages could be sent with accurate values for delivery to FCA & PRA.

Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI

“Alastair built up a strong rapport as links between the Business and IT Developers. He certainly hit the ground running.

His appreciation of the whole picture from Business, Business Unit and Technical perspectives is exactly what was needed for the complex set of tasks, together with his ability to communicate with all parties at the appropriate level be it by phone, in meetings or by email. His emails are without fail, professional and clearly articulated, always answering everything raised and always managing expectations.

Although brief, it was good working with you and I have to say that your professional and reliable ways will be sorely missed. Thank you for leaving everything in the best possible state for our teams going forward.”

Heather Francis, Business Systems Analyst, Legal & General

“Working with Alastair was an absolute pleasure. His positive demeanour and ability to strategically deliver on projects made me continuously want to work with him. I worked with him on multiple projects, and he was able to deliver consistently despite any challenges encountered on the projects.

Alastair is an asset to any organization with his ability to interpret organizations objectives with clear and concise communication, direction and coaching to team mates. This also makes him a well rounded manager that can coach for performance and expedite tactical solutions.”

Vallicia Lowe, Senior Business Analyst, HSBC

“I had the pleasure of working with Alastair on gathering the required market data for a range of OTC derivatives from Geneva in order to model them in the Prime Source valuation platforms. He is an effective communicator who added value by offering suggestions on how to improve processes. I have no doubt that he would be a key member of any team.”

Amy Sanchez, Product Manager, STP, Prime Source, NYSE Euronext

“Alastair has good communication skills, maintained a professional approach to his tasks during busy periods, and if he advised that he would return information in a given time period, he did. Gained trust, and was considered reliable.
I wish Alastair well in his endeavours.”

Paul Farquhar, Head Client Services/Operations, Prime Source NYSE Euronext

“Alastair was a proactive team player who always looked to improve process. We increasing came to rely upon Alastair and his colleagues to provide exception management based support to our operations which was key to ensuring correct functioning of our derivative valuation function. Alastair approaches his role with a positive and constructive outlook and looks to affect changes and improvements in a positive fashion with the minimum of fuss.”

Denis Kissane, Global Head of Derivative Pricing and Risk Securities Services, HSBC

“Alastair provided detailed feedback on a business proposal and followed up effectively on behalf of the OTC Derivatives pricing group. His work was valued tremendously and he was very adept at working across functional groups.”

Manan N. Rawal, Senior Vice President — Market Risk Manager, HSBC

“I worked with Alastair on a major back book Mortgage migration programme and found him to be an extremely focussed individual, who can quickly apply his analytical skills to the task at hand.

Alastair is extremely well organised, can deal with multiple stakeholders (of differing seniorities) with no issues and is a very personable individual who finds it easy to build good working relationships with those he interacts with.

I’d certainly like to work with Alastair again and would recommend him as a potential asset to any project team.”

Terry Morland, Programme Level Business Analyst, Royal Bank of Scotland

Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI, is also a director of Majury Change Management Ltd is a highly experienced Senior Business Analyst / Data Scientist with a proven track record of success planning, developing, implementing and delivering migrations, organisational change, regulatory, legislative, and process improvements for global financial organisations, covering Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, and Life & Pensions.

For several years now, Alastair has worked extensively with a variety of financial institutions in order to offer the utmost comprehensive services. As a data scientist/business analyst, Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI is expected to find intuitive and sensible solutions to complex problems.

As a data scientist/business analyst, Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI has worked closely with several high-profile businesses, such as BNP Paribas, National Australia Bank, Standard Life and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.​A graduate of University of Glasgow, Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI earned his M.A. in Economics with Business Economics. Since then, Alastair has undergone several training sessions and earned multiple certifications for a variety of skills. More specifically, he has earned certifications in IAQ, risk management, resource management, and a bevy of other areas. ​Alastair Majury thoroughly enjoys his work.

What excites him most about being a data scientist/business analyst is that every problem has a variety of solutions. This allows for a great deal of creativity on his part. Providing ingenious solutions to his customers’ problems provides a great deal of satisfaction to Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI. Every single day can be a new and challenging problem.​

Although he is a fierce and determined worker, Alastair also manages to find free time to embrace his hobbies and interests. Alastair is a major proponent of philanthropy and charitable endeavors. He constantly finds new and exciting ways to promote charities and philanthropic organizations in his community. He also tries to donate time and funds to said organizations whenever he can. Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI firmly believes that if we all work together towards a common goal, we can find peace.



Alastair Majury

I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.