Alastair Majury on 3 Tips To Become A Better Writer

’s Tips for Better Writing

If you are interested in establishing yourself as a thought leader, especially online, then you have probably asked yourself the question of: How do I become a better writer?

It takes practice, effort, and time. However here are three tips that you can put into practice immediately, to start writing better.

1) Be Concise

Writing short, simple sentences is just as effective as lengthy ones. Chances are, unless you have been practicing the craft of writing for a long time, the Faulkner approach will end up leaving your reader more confused than entertained.

So if you want to start writing better, faster, start with short, simple sentences.

Straight to the point.

He said loudly. She said softly. The adverb is the “loudly” and “softly” in those sentences, words ending in “ly.” When you’re first starting out writing, you think they are helping you and acting as good descriptors, but over time you’ll realize that they actually make the sentence less convictive.

The single most effective way to do this is to write in lists.

Everybody loves lists. Now, I’m not saying to go write bad listicle-quality content, but take the form and give it a purpose. If you can break your thoughts down into a list, just like I’m doing here (number 1, number 2, number 3), your reader is going to be able to follow along a lot better. A well-formatted answer goes a long way.

You can do this by writing a simple introduction, usually repeating back the question, diving into a list of points, and then ending with a short paragraph conclusion and takeaway. It’s really simple, and people will find your writing to be very professional.

2) Tell A Story

You could not know the difference between your and you’re, miss capitalizations, butcher the comma-splice rule and misspell every third word, but if you tell a great story readers will somehow forgive you — especially on the Internet.

Again, I’m not saying that you should be ok with silly mistakes, but it goes to show that what readers are really there for is a story. If you want to write better, focus on the story. The writing will take care of itself. Just speak from the heart and share something that means a lot to you. That emotion will come out through your words, I promise.

3) Don’t be afraid to establish your credibility as a thought leader

Has a friend ever asked you to write their cover letter or application for them because they just “can’t talk about themselves?”

Don’t be that person.

If you were successful at something, tell people! If you did extremely well for yourself building a successful business, tell people! If you became a professional whatever, tell people! But don’t tell them in a way that says, “Hey, look how awesome I am.” Tell them with the purpose of establishing that you are speaking from experience.


Because then the reader will trust you, and the most important thing for a writer to do is to earn the trust of the reader

So, to recap: In order to start writing better, faster, follow these three tips.

#1: Be Concise

#2: Tell A Story

#3: Don’t be afraid to establish your credibility

Do you see how I used a list to convey my information?

I am a writer for DataRegressed and for Data Driven Investor (DDI) both available on Medium.

resides locally in the historic Scottish city of Dunblane, and is a Senior Regulatory Business Analyst working across the country. is also a volunteer officer at the local Boys’ Brigade company, a charity which focuses on enriching the lives of children and young people, and building a stronger community. also serves on the local council (Stirling Council) as Councillor where he represents the ward of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, topping the poll.




I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.

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Alastair Majury

Alastair Majury

I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.

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