Alastair Majury on Dunblane Network Rail Work

Network Rail’s operations in Dunblane are continuing to have a negative impact on the community and in particular lineside neighbours. First of all, they have left what has been described as a ‘concrete carbuncle’ of a bridge in comparison to the work they left for the Bridge of Allan bridge. Network Rail has caused significant disruption whilst putting in the electrification piling works that have been ongoing since May.

Resident’s appreciate that some disturbance is required in order to allow the electrification to occur, however communication with lineside neighbours has been extremely poor, as residents have been told that work will occur near their properties on certain dates only for this to not occur and the work then happening on other nights without notification.

Local Conservative Councillor Alastair Majury has called upon Network Rail to ensure that the remaining work near residential areas are scheduled where possible for daytime working, and night operations are carried out at the sites where there are no houses in close proximity.

Local Conservative Councillor Alastair Majury said:
“I appreciate that Network Rail has made some accommodations such as raising the height of the wall, however given the months of ongoing disturbance, and concrete bridge that is a blight to the centre of Dunblane, it is reasonable that Network Rail pay closer attention to the impact they are having on their lineside neighbours.”

Alastair Majury resides locally in the historic Scottish city of Dunblane, and is a Senior Regulatory Business Analyst working across the country. Alastair Majury is also a volunteer officer at the local Boys’ Brigade company, a charity which focuses on enriching the lives of children and young people, and building a stronger community. Alastair Majury also serves on the local council (Stirling Council) as Councillor Alastair Majury where he represents the ward of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, topping the poll.

I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.

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