Alastair Majury on Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Audio Collection

has enjoyed listening to Sherlock Holmes

Whilst enjoying my 7,500 mile around America, I had a lot of time to enjoy the scenary in between the enjoyable ‘community dining’ concepts.

I had time to enjoy the Audible audio book read by Stephen Fry.

Audible is a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming on the Internet. Audible sells digital , radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. Through its production arm, Audible Studios, Audible has also become the world’s largest producer of downloadable audiobooks. Audible’s content is only accessible through special proprietary , including unauthorized-playback prevention by means of an Audible user name and password.

The has this to say about this audiobook:

The pairing of Fry and Holmes is a bit of a marriage made in heaven, in fact. In Britain, he is himself almost as much of a national treasure as Holmes: a public figure whose every utterance is avidly reported and disseminated throughout the Twittersphere, his bipolarity, his obsessions with technology, his amatory affairs, all reported on constantly, the contents of his richly stocked mind on permanent display in TV documentaries, his books lining the shelves. One of his outstanding ancillary skills is reading out loud. He is the marathon man of audiobooks: When he recorded the first of the Harry Potter novels for BBC radio, all other programs on the biggest channel, Radio 4, were suspended, the day being given over entirely to Fry’s Rowling. The nation could hope for no one better to sit at its bedside, soothingly and wittily lulling it into purring contentment. In the Holmes books, he reads just under a thousand pages in his wonderfully even and infallibly intelligent voice, touching the characters in deftly — the books field a very large number of well-educated middle-aged men, and it must have been difficult to differentiate one from another. Otherwise, he finds a variety of accents and tones for the many foreigners Holmes encounters; his American accents are lightly done, without attempting, for example, a Utah accent in “A Study in Scarlet.”

Whilst had this to say:

Stephen Fry’s narration is special, as it not only includes his complex rendition of Sherlock and the engaging Watson, but also his own introductions that share with listeners his reflections on the novels and short stories. Listen in as Aurelia and I discuss our love of Sherlock, our appreciation for this masterful collection, and why Sherlock is still so relevant today.

And on Amazon one of the reviewers said:

But this version proved too tempting and I went for it. I’m glad I did, Stephen Fry does an amazing job as you’d expect but his voice, not so pure as it once was can now deliver characterisations that are lower and more gravely, perfect for the likes of Jefferson Hope or Jonathan Small. He does a great job with different characterisations and accents and even avoids that common “falsetto” trap for male narrators when attempting to provide a female characters voice.

And I agree, I have not yet finished the audio book at over 72 hours long, it is a long book but I am close to finishing it and it has been great so far with Stephen Fry’s introductions genuinely adding something extra rather than being a gimmick.

resides locally in the historic Scottish city of Dunblane, and is a Senior Regulatory Business Analyst working across the country. is also a volunteer officer at the local Boys’ Brigade company, a charity which focuses on enriching the lives of children and young people, and building a stronger community. also serves on the local council (Stirling Council) as where he represents the ward of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, topping the poll.




I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.

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Alastair Majury

Alastair Majury

I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.

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