Councillor Alastair Majury on Calls for Pedestrian Crossings in Dunblane

Popular Pedestrian Crossing on the B8033

Local Dunblane and Bridge of Allan councillor Alastair Majury has taken up the call from a number of residents for additional pedestrian crossings to be installed in Dunblane. The locations in question are the pedestrian crossing across the B8033 to the Dunblane Community Centre and M&S, and the Doune Rd near the Grant Drive and Wallace Rd junctions.

Councillor Alastair Majury has previously successfully lobbied for surface improvements to the B8033 pedestrian crossings making this crossing more suitable for pedestrians who have less mobility. The B8033 is currently subject to a controversial proposal which does not have the backing of a majority of the community to impose a 20mph limit on the former dual carriageway through Dunblane which was the A9 prior to the bypass. This proposal would see a 20mph limit introduced on the non-residential road leading to the residential streets of Doune Rd or Perth Rd which are to remain as 30mph limit roads.

Councillor Alastair Majury is also looking to increase the safety of both Dunblane Primary School and Dunblane High School pupils who cross the Doune Rd near the Grant Drive and Wallace Rd junctions. Safety had previously been improved when former Stirling MP (Lord) Micheal Forsyth succeeded in moving the national speed limit from driver’s sight lines when they approach the junction, however subsequently Stirling Council introduced a 40mph buffer zone, starting from the location of the old national speed limit, and placing 40mph limit signs in clear view of drivers near this well used crossing point.

Dunblane and Bridge of Allan Councillor Alastair Majury said:

“A number of residents have highlighted that 20mph limits do not increase pedestrian safety as they are aware of the negligible impact on speed that these limits have. Removing the 40mph buffer zone, and placing zebra crossings at these entrances to Dunblane would increase pedestrian safety and be far more effective, than this unwanted 20mph limit on the B8033.

I have asked officers to look into the possibility of placing zebra crossings at these locations, and removing this buffer zone. There are other safety issues with the Doune Rd that I have also highlighted to officers.”

Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI, is also a director of Majury Change Management Ltd is a highly experienced Senior Business Analyst / Data Scientist with a proven track record of success planning, developing, implementing and delivering migrations, organisational change, regulatory, legislative, and process improvements for global financial organisations, covering Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, and Life & Pensions.

For several years now, Alastair has worked extensively with a variety of financial institutions in order to offer the utmost comprehensive services. As a data scientist/business analyst, Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI is expected to find intuitive and sensible solutions to complex problems.

As a data scientist/business analyst, Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI has worked closely with several high-profile businesses, such as BNP Paribas, National Australia Bank, Standard Life and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.​A graduate of University of Glasgow, Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI earned his M.A. in Economics with Business Economics. Since then, Alastair has undergone several training sessions and earned multiple certifications for a variety of skills. More specifically, he has earned certifications in IAQ, risk management, resource management, and a bevy of other areas. ​Alastair Majury thoroughly enjoys his work.

What excites him most about being a data scientist/business analyst is that every problem has a variety of solutions. This allows for a great deal of creativity on his part. Providing ingenious solutions to his customers’ problems provides a great deal of satisfaction to Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI. Every single day can be a new and challenging problem.​

Although he is a fierce and determined worker, Alastair also manages to find free time to embrace his hobbies and interests. Alastair is a major proponent of philanthropy and charitable endeavors. He constantly finds new and exciting ways to promote charities and philanthropic organizations in his community. He also tries to donate time and funds to said organizations whenever he can. Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI firmly believes that if we all work together towards a common goal, we can find peace.




I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.

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Alastair Majury

Alastair Majury

I am a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body. Alastair Majury resides locally in Dunblane.

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